Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. It is a tropical country with beautiful nature, such as volcanoes, jungles, and beaches. The country has about 13,500 islands. The largest ones are in Java and Sumatra. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and the largest metropolitan area in Southeast Asia. Culturally, It is a huge melting pot. It was colonized by the Dutch and other European countries. Indonesians are Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian. They speak Indonesian or Sundanese as their first language but English is also widely spoken. The economy of the country is mostly based on agriculture and tourism. The main export from this country is natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. Indonesia has the tenth-largest domestic market in the world. With a gross domestic product of US$817 billion in 2009. The Indonesian economy suffered a decline during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997–1998 that caused poverty to rise.

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